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PROJEKT ALBERT invited competition

Project Albert invited competition for Tammisaari/Raasepori Art Museum


In 2005, Albert de la Chapelle initiated the establishment of a Fund within the Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland (Society of Swedish Literature in Finland), the purpose of which was to support and promote high level art, culture and education among the Swedish-speaking population of West Uusimaa. Over the years the Fund has purchased works of art and donated them to the West Uusimaa Provincial Museum which it also supports in other ways. At present the collection consists of about 50 works.

Professor Albert de la Chapelle came from Lindö in Tenhola. He enjoyed a long and rewarding career as a geneticist and was Professor of Genetics at the University of Helsinki until his retirement in 1997. The same year he became a member of the Academy of Finland, the first ever from the medical sciences. He then moved to the United States, to the Ohio State University in Columbia, where he presently holds the chair in Human Cancer Genetics.

In order to advance the appreciation of art, Albert de la Chapelle established an independent Foundation the purpose of which is, in collaboration with the town of Raasepori, to build a new wing to the present EKTA museum centre in Tammisaari. Once constructed the building will be handed over into the ownership and management of the town of Raasepori. An invited architectural competition will be arranged for the design of the building. It is the donator’s hope that the competition will produce an impressive building – one that is a work of art in itself.

Competition aim

The aim of the Albert de la Chapelle Art Foundation, the competition’s organiser, is to find a home for its art collection and develop both operationally and structurally the area presently occupied by the West Uusimaa Provincial Museum EKTA and the Pro Artibus Foundations’ art centre Elverket, so creating an harmonious Cultural Quarter for the town.

The competition will be held between the six invited architects/architect groups, and the winner will be given the task of designing the museum building.

Upon receipt of the competition entries when the jury is sitting, they will be put on public display at the EKTA Museum from 16.1. – 17.2.2019.

Invited participants

The following architects/architect groups have been invited to participate in the competition:

  • OOPEAA / Anssi Lassila
  • AOR
  • Avanto architects
  • JKMM architects
  • Esa Ruskeepää
  • Collaboratorio architecture


The competition organiser has appointed the following jury:

  • Henrik de la Chapelle, chairman, Serlachius Art Museum board, Project Group chairman
  • Göran Wörlund, solicitor, member of the Project Group, jury secretary (no voting rights)
  • Eric Adlercreutz, architect, SAFA
  • Kai Kartio, director, Amos Rex Art Museum
  • Dan Lindholm, director, EKTA Museum and the West Uusimaa Provincial Museum
  • Sabina Westerholm, executive director, Pro Artibus Foundation
  • Simon Store, Raasepori town planning architect

Juror appointed by SAFA, the Finnish Association of Architects

  • Jenni Reuter, professor, architect, SAFA

Jury chairman Henrik de la Chapelle. Jury secretary Göran Wörlund

The jury will hear Piia Nordström, street manager for Raasepori.
The jury may also consult other experts at its discretion.

The experts and secretary of the jury may not participate in decision making, neither may they take part in the competition.